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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2013 7:30am-8:00am EST

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and pension funds across the world cheeky jaimie lovable lloyd are heroes to many a young hoping to be derivative slinging financial murderers in the high frequency trading in dark pools is twenty thirteen the year however of the banking death penalty we will see the demodex of the outlaws of the law and order restored of all our planes of finance that is marked production for twenty third states. max welcome to twenty thirteen we haven't got to sleep yet have we got it. well the first headline we're going to cover is a good omen for twenty thirty that's a bad omen i think for lovable lloyd and adorable jamie u.b.s. libel or manipulation deserves the death penalty this is william cohen from bloomberg dot com and he says there is no point in mincing words u.b.s.
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the swiss global bank has been discreetly saying the banking profession for years and needs to be shut down this is in light of the one point five billion dollar fine they paid to several regulators across the world for manipulating libeler primarily through their tokyo office oh ok now we're getting somewhere so this fellow bloomberg for death penalty for u.b.s. now i've been talking about this for a number of years i was on a show here in the u k. joe johns for ten o'clock last night said hang the bankers and that clip is not available to be seen in the u.k. and censored by the u.k. regulatory authorities who don't want the citizens here to understand that there's a growing consensus to execute bankers and that there's the global insurrection against banker occupation to be clear bloomberg is not calling for the execution of any of these people they're calling for the execution of the companies that u.b.s. should be put out of business but all of the banks should be put out of business
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because u.b.s. was just one of the banks to be doing this now william cohen says that an even more emphatic message needs to be sent to u.b.s. by its prevention regulator in the u.s. you are finished in this country we are padlocking your stamford connecticut manhattan offices you need to pack up and leave now so i want to highlight one of the things that bloomberg in their article highlights about the u.b.s. bankers one of the most egregious emails i was sent back and forth to see the level to which u.b.s. employees descended one need look no further than their written communications as per u.s. prosecutors document dump me you're getting bloody good at this lie boardgame one broker told the u.b.s. derivatives trader think of me when you're on your yacht in monaco won't you write your own saying when i was on wall street it where are the customers yeah you know this is a cheeky xtina because the brokers would get rich there's you know in america you've got the have nots and the have you know it's basically the entire economy is
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split and it's becoming bifurcated in this way is a money trickles up to the yacht owning hedge fund managers in greenwich connecticut and the h.s.b.c. bankers who commit terrorist financing and money laundering or whether it's this particular call against u.b.s. from the bloomberg journalist calling for the execution but i mean he doesn't he obviously uses these words to evoke scenes of public execution i don't think he's really. stepping away from that he didn't come back and retract that statement and whatsoever i applaud his good sense in calling for this and i just again i just don't understand why we've got drones flying around the world targeting kids why there's so much violence directed toward people that where it's not needed we need the violence directed more specifically so i want to focus on one of the things they talk about in this article about what the regulator
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said in terms of what u.b.s. did how they committed these crimes it found that identified u.b.s. traders entered into wasp trades described as risk free trades that cancelled each other out and had no commercial rationale in order to facilitate corrupt brokerage payments to three individual brokers and to other firms watch trades are used to manipulate prices so let's say goldman sachs wants to manipulate the price of a stock or they want to manipulate the price of silver to twenty nine or twenty seven dollars an ounce they will flood the exchange with orders to buy and sell a twenty seven dollars an ounce until the exchange until the paper market gets to twenty seven dollars an ounce and then of course they make side bets in the options market to profit from the collapse of price lower and they get the benefit of having support of the dollar by crashing the price of precious metals that's one way to use a watch trade we use it all the time when i was working on wall street to manipulate the price of securities especially when options expiration month or the options
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expiration month which is at the end of the every month and they have a triple witching at the end of each quarter etc this is when it's particularly beneficial for manipulators like jamie diamond j.p. morgan or goldman or here h.s.b.c. barclays lloyds etc to engage in the wash trades to manipulate prices to rape and pillage from the markets to take money out of the markets and to distort prices you know that the price signals are completely distorted now there's no free market there's a. distortion now going back to this notion that we need to execute these banks put these businesses these corporations out of business that are slaughtering the financial markets again watch trades are described as risk free trades that cancel each other out this is the equivalent of gunning down on armed participants in the market because who there it's risk free for the banks who are manipulating the
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prices but somebody is paying is somebody who's taking all the risk and that's the passive investors that's the pension funds that's the small shareholders that's. we miss apologies around the world who are going bankrupt well the biggest players of this would be the central banks was the federal reserve bank in washington or the bank of england here in the u.k. they are engaging in watch trades and they also engage in naked short selling for example they will counterfeit or naked short sell short term treasury paper and then use the proceeds to buy long term treasury paper to manipulate the price of interest down to keep their profit centers high and people say why low i love cheaper rates because it's great for my mortgage however for every dollar they make on a mortgage or gain from a lower rate they lose two dollars in their pension accounts and that was recently published by the bank of england so that there's one hundred forty billion pounds lost due to interest rate manipulation and only seventy billion gained on the mortgage side so that again the population they cheer on the executioners like the
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jesse james out there the people like lloyd blankfein and jamie diamond that are murdering people with their with their financial weapons and they're at the same time they're they're becoming bankrupt well you talk about treasuries and central banks being complicit in this manipulation of library and global interest rate so i want to turn to a little clip we earlier in the year we've asked of a few guests to make their predictions for twenty thirteen and we talked to rob kirby who has been really crucial and identifying the key moments in manipulation of libel or of silver and other contracts and he mentioned that first of all. j.p. morgan has the largest derivatives book in the world seventy trillion dollars of that seventy trillion about eighty percent a little bit more is interest rate swaps so no other bank on earth has more interest in manipulating interest rates then j.p. morgan so with this notion that we should execute u.b.s.
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the bank let's look at what rob kirby said about the library scandal j.p. morgan is not complicit in the library scandal than anyone. j.p. morgan was the lot like more scandal that's where it all originated j.p. morgan. doing trades with the us treasury with good new york federal reserve reacting is the go between or the conduit this is this is why interest rates went to zero. you can't it shows up on the charts you could you could measure you could measure the growth in g.d.p. mergen short term swap look with the cascades and interest rates first from five percent down to three and then from three percent down to under one percent and both of those she you judy hello peter drops in interest rates were accompanied by seven point five trillion dollar in a trillion dollar bloat in the less than one year slot derivatives positions of
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j.p. morgan good point i mean jamie dimon and j.p. morgan are the biggest terrorists and you know a couple things on the nomenclature side first of all it's funny because on wall street or in the finance business you use the word execute to talk about a trade the trade was executed and but you know there's a double meaning to that obviously because they're executing individuals or and this were terrorism i want to be clear i mean in the literal sense it's not a figurative expression in that they are literally terrorists they are any law that applies to anyone who blows people up and commits mass murder should be applied ten times to a jamie dimon as a terrorist full stop the fact that he's not prosecuted in any way means that obama means that david cameron are complicit with terrorism they're ok with terrorism they encourage terrorism and that for these populations in a in america are the u.k. if you don't want a terrorist running your country you need to get you need to regime change they've done that in north africa they're doing around europe regime change is another
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twenty thirteen thing i think the u.k. is ripe for regime change america is ripe for a regime change you mention regime change and i do ask rob kirby i did ask rob kirby whether or not j.p. morgan would fall would this be the year two thousand and thirteen that the j.p. morgan fell because of all the manipulation and this is what he said j.p. morgan is not only the fed to me j.p. morgan's positions are the u.s. treasuries divisions so you know what the root when you're when you're talking about the failure of j.p. morgan what we're really talking about here is the failure of the u.s. government. we're talking about the fault from the u.s. treasury. fault of j.p. morgan it is the defacto fault default of the u.s. treasury because morgan morgan's outsized positions. are the treasury's oh no question about that they jamie diamond and morgan they're going to take the dollar with them and we'll end with them the u.s.
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economy and that's their game plan now the words when hank paulson threatened to destroy america unless they gave three quarters of a trillion dollars or every time they try to get some kind of law deregulated by threatening financial catastrophe jamie diamond is thread dollar collapse all right stay here and stay right there we're coming back to you in the second half on this new year's day special. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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we speak your language. for music programs and documentaries some spanish matters to you breaking news i want to turn to bang goes to these stories. are you here. to ensure that all teach spanish. visit. america has a welcome back to the kaiser report you know the biggest story of the past five or six years has been j.p. morgan's massive make it so it was short position i asked over expert ned nadler
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leyland of asset management whether or not this year could be the year that sees the manipulation scandal see some fricken justice here we are twenty thirteen time for your prediction how will the l.b. and a sober market manipulation story pan out in twenty thirteen well not so make a bold prediction and contrary to all the evidence i'm going to say that i think the story will break next year i think we're going to get the price will break free of it shackles the fact there's a serious lack of physical within the billion banking system and i think we're all going to be very happy just on next year all right five hundred dollars silver here we come so max even if ned naylor leyland is correct and j.p. morgan gets done pays a small fine for their silver price manipulation they've already moved on to the next scam and this is something that the kaiser report you hear on the kaiser report pointed out time and time again they're always years ahead of the regulators
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because while they're being investigated j.p. morgan's being investigated for silver price manipulation silver market manipulation they've basically corner the copper market and you've asked mitch fire stein a ponzi plan a dot com about this e.t.f. this copper e.t.f. and here is his response about that. i think that twenty in them to have twenty seven percent control over the metal l i me is a little bit much i don't think that there's a need i think e.t.f. for problematic and i think in two thousand and thirteen we'll see problems with a lot of the e.t.f. products because if you read the prospectuses that are over two hundred pages you'll see that they don't have to directly correlate i think it's another instrument that banks can use to take proprietary positions there's another derivative waiting to blow up it's a wolf. in sheep's clothing but you know last year we talked to the fact that j.p. morgan was massively hoarding commodities around the world including copper and
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this is part of their game plan to try and financial eyes the entire global economy and this goes through the office of blight masters here in the u.k. jamie dunn is really the front man for j.p. morgan but it's really blown if masters here in london who is really the brains behind it jamie is just a cheap suit you know he's just a guy that likes to wear women's underwear but blith masters is actually the hard core mastermind hard core terrorist in this equation and she's been buying copper for a long time now they're going to introduce the c.f. as a way to manipulate the price of copper well it's not just not all bad guys and outlaws you know in the commodities and precious metals market there are some good guys and i do want to say the man of the last year two thousand and twelve and i think he's going to twenty thirteen is going to be the fruition of his work that's lars scholl he's an independent journalist from germany and he has been relentless doget in
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pursuing the german central bank the buddhist bank and finding out where is the german gold and this is set off a chain reaction of epic proportions that could see the collapse all of this global system because the bretton woods nobody no nation has even bothered to audit their gold for the last fifty sixty years and lo and behold germany is now ordered to audit their gold austria is asking about their gold and the latest one max are the netherlands gold reserves real m p's want answers the netherlands is said to have six hundred twelve tons of gold with a value of some twenty four billion euros just ten percent of it is held at the central bank headquarters in amsterdam. the rest is in bank vaults in the us canada and britain it's a legacy of the gold standard but that of course and it in the seventies any vestige of it this is not actually a move toward
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a really architecting of the gold standard this is about panic amongst the central bankers who want the gold in house as they prepare for their final fee out apocalypse the paper money apocalypse is happening in twenty thirteen those who want to become their own central bank are their own independent wealth managers need to do with the central banks are doing buy gold and silver and to prepare for the paper apocalypse well actually i don't think it's the central banks that are leading this i think the population like la rochelle six years of sending email after email after email and i'm c.c. it on most of them he sends some e-mails every single day for the last five years it is the population demanding to know where their gold is the population is the one that needs to have faith in their central banks that need to have faith in their politicians to keep this whole thing running and if they lose that faith then you see the central bankers and some of the politicians who are answerable to the
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voting population that there are the ones that are starting to be forced by the population and shows you that the population the people ordinary people can have some power they can crash j.p. morgan by silver one ounce of silver bought by one hundred million people around the world can crash j.p. morgan and as rob kirby then said basically the holy whois system yes sure the central bankers are now being forced to account for their gold but it doesn't mean they're going to share that gold wants to paper apocalypse is upon us remember central banks are owned by the same banks j.p. morgan the private banks own the central banks the central banks are not there for the people so the central banks want that gold because the people who own the and own the central banks want to go if you think you're getting your gold from the central banks you are fricken nuts you need to get your own gold it's over well the funniest question. that the socialist and christian democrats ask in the netherlands is whether or not the gold bars that london canada and the u.s. are holding for them are actually real they're actually asking if the gold bars are
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even real but they're looking to happen in the u.k. the british government said that old queen elizabeth is the volt's to say oh ho you know go listen fair little hope you know who. don't you know go all you know that's a big problem get a nightmare your goal is not safe in britain your goal is not safe anywhere unless it's in your personal vault well that's a very important point you bring up is that the queen of england did visit the bank of england gold vaults and first of all that's a classic come on you use a little old lady who all people always trust a little lady's or a she often go he didn't appreciate your i saw it all go up to the room she was stealing their gold you think she doesn't know what you know and then the other thing is that the next day when she saw george osborne it was reported that she said oh i saw all the gold too bad it's other people's it's not our gold it's other
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nations like austria netherlands don't worry little lady queenie i saw your gold that's all there is far i mean well this is the only use the monarchy has is to fool people into thinking they're gold or say you know this is if you go back in history this monarchy whether it's a stricken old bag or some other dude and they end up killing the commoners don't think they slaughter the commoners if you're not royalty or commoner the chance of a good slaughter high. well so now. part and parcel of this global financial system which is ridden with fraud and outlaws like jamie dimon the lloyd blankfein and we need to execute the banks like u.b.s. and even bigger than u.b.s. is j.p. morgan. the rubble of my country sent me this link and i think it's an important one to look at for two thousand and thirteen banking thousands of customers switched their account out of the big five these are the big five british banks
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many of them owned by the taxpayer but apparently actually people are moving their accounts out of there out of anger about libel or manipulation about the bailouts about the corruption about the drug running about the money laundering about the dealing with the enemy and credit unions small usually locally based savings groups have attracted almost twenty thousand new accounts in the past six months and building society saw seventy eight thousand new accounts a huge surge was following the libel or manipulation scandal oh it's great to see people angry enough to move their money but when push comes to shove the government and the big five banks won't be allowed to acquire these other institutions as they need to acquire deposits to offset the fact that they have zero counter parties to make good on the obligations they made in various derivatives markets so unless you again let me react to size this and that you're holding only keep money in paper
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that you're willing to lose the only money in gold and silver that you have is the only money you will have ever all paper claims are going to be worthless and twenty thirteen and now speaking of this global insurrection against banker occupation this is one thing you're starting to see with the populations around the world demanding to see at least an audit of their gold the nations the sovereign gold supplies or they're moving their money this move your money campaign has been huge across the world you did speak to one of the chief. activists around the world and that is the yes men andy bichlbaum and you asked him for his prediction for twenty thirteen and this is what he had to say well i think last year we saw the arab spring and the follow up to that and the occupy movement i think this year is going to be the world spring and we're going to see the occupy movement and all the other
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movements that of blossomed throughout the world succeed well yes the global insurrection against banker occupation is alive and well and it's going to become huge as all of the springs whether it's arab spring or the greek spring or the kaiser report spring spring together to the global spring. well you know if you're part of that if you're hoping you know that all this libel manipulation is going to help you buy more houses and buy more goods on your credit cards because if they manipulate rates down then it's going to be good for you well not a single forecaster in barron's has a negative forecast for the market twenty thirteen not a single forecaster max now of course why that is so is because they're counting on and they know there's going to be q.e. to infinity in the u.s. there's a new jump the shark situation in japan they're going into. quantitative easing
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mode who knows that's kamikazee quantitative easing quantitative kamikazee well because barron's of them owned by rupert murdoch and rupert murdoch is a propaganda sapir supreme who didn't bring on the panel this year anybody who would say anything negative i'm sure jim rogers was not on the panel or mark fabiani one who's actually had a great track record in calling the twists and turns of the past decade no they got sympathizers lackeys like mario gabelli i'm sure he's back on there this guy can't find any of it was tied to his underwear. so. and then finally i want to look at one other area which we have looked at over the past year and we covered this notion of the debt jubilee for example that occupy wall street has instituted morgan stanley presents seventeen big surprises that could rock markets and twenty thirteen they see debt cancellation the u.s. japan and u.k. announce that all debt resulting from their q.e.
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purchases is cancelled which would assuage the fears of rating agencies but anger bondholders. more than in or of these banks is going to be taken down shot you know like lehman brothers was executed and that probably morgan stanley will be the bank to get executed this year twenty thirteen obviously trying to make themselves relevant before they are asked to drink the cyanide kill themselves yeah but i mean here they're saying. this perhaps why every single forecaster interviewed by barron's for their two thousand and thirteen predictions this is predicting a booming market and that's because they're saying the debt cancellation isn't for you the peasant it's actually bad for you the peasant because they're monetizing the debt which he saying is that the u.s. japan and the u.k. are going to outright monetize their debt they're going to cancel the debts they created out of thin air and those predictions those long held predictions of hyper inflation may just finally come true in two thousand and thirteen well the fact that they have taken a longer means that the collapse will be that much greater. again
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everything is deflating against gold and silver. all right stacy hammer thanks so much for being on the special new year's day. thank you max that's it for this first episode of twenty thirty if you'd like to get in touch with us you can tweet us a cause a report or on facebook dot com forward report until next. year's
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